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Service commitment

Sante standardized service system

Shante company has been rooted in China for more than 20 years, adhering to the concept of "quality first, and strive for customer satisfaction", and has established a comprehensive, high-quality and standardized customer service system. 800-830-3938, 400-830-3938 free consultation telephone number, immediately answer questions for users; Before the sales, we have a first-class technical team to provide personalized power solutions according to users' requirements of power environment and equipment. After the sale of UPS, santak will send professional staff to train users in practical operation and other aspects, and keep close contact with users to respond to their requirements at any time. Service stations across the country also regularly test and maintain users' equipment. Sante guarantees to respond within 48 hours to any problems encountered by users in the use of the products and to provide timely and high-quality maintenance services.

Over the years, sante has been providing customers with first-class services to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise as the goal, relying on the good reputation in the industry and distribution units to establish a good, close relations of cooperation, training a large number of well-trained professional technical service personnel, service system is more and more comprehensive. At present, the company has established 8 repair and spare parts centers in China, 33 directly affiliated customer service stations and 84 repair outlets in major cities and cities across the country.

In addition, sante has set up a national technical training center in shenzhen, which provides regular professional training and strict assessment for technical personnel from all over the country. At present, sante has authorized maintenance engineers in every maintenance branch. In addition to the first-class maintenance and testing equipment, there are also plenty of spare parts for each maintenance network to ensure the high quality and high efficiency of the service.

Three years warranty
1. The storage battery purchased from sante UPS and the storage battery purchased from sante company (used in the storage battery of sante UPS) can be guaranteed for three years.
2. If the warranty period of UPS exceeds, customers can still enjoy the perfect after-sales service of sante company.
The coinsurance
In order to provide customers with timely and convenient after-sales service, suntech UPS implements nationwide joint insurance. No matter where you buy sunter UPS, you can apply for service from the nearest sunter customer service department or service station and the authorized maintenance dealer who has joined the coinsurance

Inspection service (fee)
Sante customer service staff will conduct inspection service according to the service contract, maintain and overhaul the sold UPS, find problems and solve them on site.

Inspection service (free)
Eaton UPS 20KVA (excluding) and above models started after June 1, 2015 will provide free on-site inspection service in the last half year of the standard warranty period in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). See detailed announcement.

Other services (fees)
Including related product installation and maintenance training, machine cutover, battery replacement and installation, software and hardware upgrade, battery monitoring and other services.

Inspection content
1. Test the power supply environment and the usage of UPS
2. Provide the use report of UPS
3. Answer questions on site and provide user training
4. Provide UPS optional matching scheme


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